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Here's what to expect in the November issue:

Amelie Lens - How the Belgian techno titan became the DJ phenomenon of 2018

Steel Banglez - The one-man production powerhouse driving UK rap

ADE - 50 things to do at the world’s biggest electronic music conference

HAAi - She made her name with her unmissable Phonox residency, now she’s launching into a thousand other plans

We Need To Talk About Ibiza - Is The White Isle losing its way?

Erol Alkan - In the studio with the Phantasy boss

Cocoricó - 30 year’s of Italy’s hottest club

Trouw - Seth Troxler on why the Amsterdam club changed everything

Pampa Records - We zoom in on DJ Koze and Marcus Fink’s wonderfully weird imprint in Label Focus

Elsewhere in the mag we meet Detroit pioneer Stacy Hotwaxx, chat Steeze with Kim Ann Foxman and head to New York with Adriatique. Plus our verdict on the new Kode 9 & Burial Fabriclive and loads, loads more

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